Love Is Easy

Love Is Easy


If this is love,
Then love is easy,
It’s the easiest thing to do,
If this is love,
Then love completes me,
Cause it feels like I’ve been missing you,
A simple equation,
With no complications,
To leave you confused,
If this is love, love, love,
Hmm it’s the easiest thing to do.

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You’re Lonely Lonely – J.D Souther


You’re Lonely Lonely

J.D Souther


When the world is ready to fall on your little shoulders,
And when you’re feeling lonely and small,
You need somebody there to hold you.
You can call out my name… when you’re only lonely,
Now, don’t you ever be ashamed, you’re only lonely.

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There’s a sunrise out there calling my name
I can see her moving, I can see her moving

Well at a certain time of night, now
I’ll become one with the wind
Where there isn’t a beginning
And there is no end.

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